Simplify medical reports with AI

to make them understandable to everyone

Simplifier les comptes-rendus médicaux
Our ambition
Make the medical language simple and accessible
to become actor of your health
Application Vulgaroo

Smoothing the care pathway

requires a good understanding of your health condition.

Fluidifier le parcours de soins

Our mission

Build and provide technological solutions to make medical words understandable.

Vulgaroo works up stream with Healthcare professionals and patients having deep knowledge of diseases to select the most simple and useful terms.

The simplification of medical reports is

vital for all.

For patients

A better understanding of their pathologies to reduce anxiety and make consent to treatment plans easier and faster.

For doctors

A basis for discussion with patients to facilitate the explanation of medical results, reduce the duration of explanations and increase the medication adherence.

For health facilities

An automatic generative tool for simplified medical reports, controlled by doctors and directly integrated into the existing IT information system.

Our AI technology

We have created neural networks specialized in the simplification and the translation of scientific texts into simple words.

We have also set up tools to assess the quality of the texts generated and their readability by people without scientific knowledge.

Our technology is hosted in France, on dedicated and secured servers, HDS certified

They support Vulgaroo

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Vulgaroo is part of the mapping of French Artificial Intelligence startups