The discovery

Christophe Lelong travels to India at the bedside of his sick and hospitalized father. There he discovers the role and the very important place left to relatives in the patient care process and the path to recovery. Significant element, before returning home, some families are trained in the care required by the pathology of their loved one.

La découverte
La validation du besoin
Confirmation of the need
Many exchanges and meetings with patients, health professionals and associations confirm the need for a better understanding of patients regarding their state of health.


The birth of Vulgaroo

The startup was born in September 2022 around the values of equal treatment, diversity, CSR, transparency and empathy. The Vulgaroo team is growing with the arrival of two new partners.

La naissance de Vulgaroo
AI to support patients
We start the development of our own neural networks and create a committee of expert patients in charge of the continuous improvement of our medical reports.
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